10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Whether it’s another polar vortex or just your average December day, winter is coming … and we’re already cold!

Yes, you could run your heater nonstop, but who wants to do that? It’s expensive, it dries you out, and frankly consuming all of that energy wreaks havoc on our environment.

Cutting down on environmental toxins -- like oil, gas or propane which are traditionally used to fuel furnaces -- and moving towards sustainable solutions one home at a time can make a big difference. There’s power in numbers!

At Star Fans, we’re committed to creating eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for our customers. We’ve got one world, and WE need to take care of it.

So instead of running that heater this winter season, turn down your thermostat and check out our eco-friendly, alternative heating solutions for staying warm this winter.

  1. Use your ceiling fans: You might be scratching your head with this tip but trust us. Your ceiling fan can be used to both heat and cool your home. In the summer, setting your ceiling fan in a counterclockwise rotation on medium to high speeds creates an artificial breeze that pushes the air down. While it doesn’t change the temperature, the breeze evaporates moisture from your skin, making you feel cooler.

In the winter, if you run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction at a low speed the ceiling fan produces the opposite effect. This rotation helps circulate all of the hot air that lingers near the ceiling. Because heat rises, the air near the ceiling is warmer than the air near the floor. The clockwise direction pushes the warm air outward which helps circulate it throughout the room. Check out our Star 7 Modern Fan, it’s remote controlled and comes with 6 different speeds to choose from. It’s a must-have heating and cooling system for your home.

  1. Grab that standing fan: If you can heat specific rooms in your home, a standing fan is an excellent tool for circulating the heat from one room to other areas of the house. If you place a standing fan in front of the entryway of the heated room, it will take the warm air from that space and push it outward, circulating it to other areas of the home. Our Tripod 16” Stand Fan is the perfect device for circulating heat from one room to the next.

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  1. Check out a solar-powered heat pump: Using the same amount of energy as a ceiling or standing fan, a solar-powered heat pump is a great alternative to a traditional heating system. The heat pump operates with an inside attachment that gets fastened on a high wall and an outside unit that gets mounted low, near the ground. With a solar-powered heat pump, you’re creating your own power to generate heat, which means lower energy payments.
  1. Invest in a smart thermostat: Having a thermostat that is easily managed and controlled can help you regulate the amount of energy you use in your home. A lot of smart thermostats can connect to your phone, so you don’t have to be home to change the temperature.
  1. Bring out the blankets: We love a good throw blanket! Not only is it a great décor piece, having throw blankets around the house can help you stay warm and cozy when you’re in static positions (like when your laying on the couch, binge-watching Netflix on a cold Sunday afternoon). If you’re in the market for some new throw blankets there are a ton of sustainably sourced alternatives. Companies like Coyuchi, Allswell and Grund America offer a lot of eco-friendly and biodegradable options.
  1. Dress for the part: Whether you’re staying in or going out, it’s important to layer up in the winter. You don’t need to break out that snow jacket for sitting in your house, but you should add some extra layers in the wintertime like leggings, sweatshirts and scarfs to make the colder room temps feel a bit more bearable.

In addition to traditional winterwear, check out some solar-powered heated clothing options. Brands like PolarSeal and Gobi Heat sell a variety of heated hoodies, zip-ups, and jackets that can help you stay warm for most of the day with just one charge.

  1. Add some area rugs: If you live in an apartment or a home with hardwood or tile floors, adding area rugs to the space can act as a warm buffer between your feet and the cold floors. If you’re not in the market for a new rug, invest in some house shoes and wool socks to make walking around those hard surfaces more comfortable.
  1. Close the curtains at night and let the sunshine in during the day: In the winter, it’s important to keep the heat in. One way to prevent the cool outside air from seeping in through the windows and doors is to keep your window treatments closed when it gets dark. This will act as another cold air barrier in your home. You can also invest in a thick set of curtains for a maximum effect.

On the other hand, when the sun is out open your blinds or curtains to let the sunlight into each room. Even if it’s bitter cold outside, the sun creates a lot of energy which can naturally increase the temperatures in your home.

  1. Get to cookin’: Going out to eat (or going out in general) in the winter is a lot less appealing when it’s freezing outside. Use the cold weather as an excuse to stay in and cook warm, yummy meals for dinner. Yes, your cooking appliances use energy, but you can always invest in some energy-efficient alternatives to make eating-in eco-friendlier. 
  1. Stay active: You know what keeps you warm, moving! Whether you’re working out at home, cleaning, or getting some fresh air outside with a brisk walk or run, staying active is a great way to naturally raise your body temperature. Plus, it’s necessary for keeping that excess winter weight at bay.

What are your eco-friendly tips for staying warm in the winter? Let us know in the comments below for the chance to be featured!

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