An Interview With Dominick Sparacino from Colony Homes

Dominick from Colony Homes- A residential new construction and renovation company is engaged to the love of his life and decided to build a new home for him and his fiancé to live and love and grow their children in.

Dominick- Can you please give us a little background about yourself:

  • I’m a 27 year old who grew up in south Louisiana where I currently live. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering because I love design. Little did I know at the time, designing & building homes is where my passion would resonate.

What is your vision when building or renovating a home:

  • When I build a house, I want every person’s initial thought when they walk into the door to be, “wow”. I try to do this by focusing on three things; Quality craftmanship, quality design and quality products. Attention to details is extremely important to me.

What is your Main factor when purchasing a ceiling fan:

  • Two things I look for when purchasing a fan. I want a fan that looks fantastic and I want a fan that is functional.

How easy was it to find a style that matched your decorative home style?:

  • Star Fans had a ton of color choices. It was very easy. I was debating between between two wood finishes for the blades but I knew I would match them with a white motor.

Which motor color & blade finish did you choose?

  • For my most recent build, I chose the natural 1 blade with the white motor. I put one in the living room space and one in the master bedroom. In each room I put exposed beams which complimented the natural 1 blades perfectly.

Are you satisfied with your finish choice & functionality of the fan?

  • The white motor is beautiful and the natural1 blade blends perfectly with my wood beams.

All in all how was your renovation experience?

  • This was a new build. Every home has its challenges but it was exciting seeing a finished product.


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