What to Look for When Buying a Ceiling Fan?

What to Look for When Buying a Ceiling Fan?

 Selecting a ceiling fan especially when renovating can be a hard decision to make. Apart from needing to choose the right size and height it is also a question of taste and design.

The first thing you would need to check for is the room size: 

For larger rooms you may locate the fan in the middle of the area you would need the air movement or you can install a few (that can also create a great look).

Ceiling height- do you need an extra down rod or not? Fan blades should typically be 8 feet from the floor. If your ceiling is higher than 10 feet you might need a down rod. And if you have a low ceiling you should purchase a fan that's shorter in height.

Distance from wall- It is best to install the fan in the middle of the room. It is recommended that the fan would have about 19” of distance from the wall so that it has room to spread the air.

Sloped ceilings- most fans can be installed in ceiling with up to a 30 degree angle. If your ceiling has a higher angle you should purchase a sloped ceiling kit. The kits can be installed with most fans and replace the upper canopy in your fan.

Wall control/remote- Some fans come with a wall control and some with remotes. You can decide which one you’d prefer and purchase an extra wall control or a remote if you want the option that doesn’t come with a fan.

Style- There are lots of different styles of fans- modern, contemporary, classic, industrial, tropical, and more. For every type of style you are looking for you can find a fan. Fan finishes are a main factor in its style. You can go for colors that may stand out in the venue or colors that blend in. You can choose blades that match components in the room and create a flow, or you can also go for the all white clean look option.

Indoor outdoor- If you are purchasing a fan for outdoors make sure it is damp location/wet location rated. If not it will rust and the motor will not be able to handle the moisture in air.

Fans are a great added value to different settings in style and function. I hope this helps you make the right choice! 

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  • Greg Veralrud

    Can I order replacement remotes for my star fans. I have 6 star fans missing 3 remotes. Thanks.

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