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Why Are Ceiling Fans Good For You?

Why are ceiling fans good for you?

Having a ceiling fan in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, family room, studio, office, restaurant or porch doesn’t only add to the design of the space- it has a lot more benefits that people aren’t aware of.

1.Prevents SIDS- Ceiling fans help protect babies from overheating in their sleep resulting in a lower risk of sudden infant death.

2. Lower energy costs- The cost of using a ceiling fan is less than 3% of the cost of air conditioner.

3. Circulates the air in the room- Moving the air around gives you a better feeling in a space.

4. Useful all year- Ceiling fans have winter/summer switches. During the winter time you can reverse the blades direction to turn clockwise and the fan will push the warm air that  naturally rises to the ceiling down and out towards the walls.

5. Makes a room feel a few degrees cooler without changing the air temperature- Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 8 degrees lower.

6. You use less air conditioner- Being a lot in air conditioner makes you feel dry, congested, gives you a cold, and develops heat intolerance. When using a ceiling fan you will most likely use a lot less air conditioner and feel better. 

7. Saves energy, economical- Using ceiling fans instead of air conditioner has an effect on global warming and on natural resources by saving energy. 

8. Keeps insects and flies away. 

Star Fans recommends: Maximize the use of your beautiful ceiling fan. You will love sleeping with it, being outside on the porch with its breeze, sitting in your living room with a nice air movement around you. When it is really hot you should turn on the air conditioner with a timer and after the room is cool enough let the fan do it's work and save energy!

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