Star Fans is a new-to-the-US family-owned brand. Established in 1947, we owned a fan factory which manufactured table fans that operate to this day. We have evolved in our knowledge and passion to create, which led us to designing our fans with technical proficiency and with a big emphasis on design concepts.

Our company mission is to provide you with fans that you'll love and enjoy to be around. Fans that will make you feel good and enjoy the moment. Fans that will give you a good night sleep, comfort and an aesthetic environment. We accomplish this by selling products that are design focused, durable, functional, easy to install, silent, eco-friendly and energy saving.

Suitable for commercial and residential surroundings, our new collection includes fans that are original and different. 

Why Star Fans:

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED FANS- attention to detail, modern clean cut designs. 

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS- We strive to provide the highest quality materials from very strong wood, to poly carbonate, stainless steel parts and strong ABS. 

EASY QUICK INSTALLATION- we keep in mind the installation process and make it as easy as possible. 

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE- We are available 7 days a week via chat or phone. 

FAST SHIPPING- We ship within 24 hours With free ground shipping.

ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTS- our fans have a low energy consumption. You won't notice a difference on your electricity bill.


We care very much about our customers and can always be reached for any information you may need.

The Star Fans family


Fans that were manufactured in our factory in the 50's