About Us

Star Fans is a new-to-the-US family-owned brand. Starting in 1947 we owned a fan factory that used to manufacture table fans that still operate. We have evolved in our knowledge and passion for design which led us to designing our fans with lots of technical knowledge with an emphasis on design concepts.

our fan blades are made out of belize wood and clear polycarbonate housing that exposes the motor to provide an industrial-chic twist.
Suitable for commercial and residential surroundings, the fans are color customizable and can be specified in any combination of ten different blade finishes and five motor colors. We offer special edition colors too!  The fan is CUL listed, Damp location rated and can be installed indoors and out. 

Bringing the Star Propeller to Life

Using only the highest quality materials, our first objective was to imbue the Star with the same performance and reliability features presented in the vehicles which had inspired it. To do this, we immersed ourselves in the art and science of fan making. As we tinkered and experimented with the design we were able to instill a lot of variation, color option and diversity to the fan. All of these features and exquisite design elements make us stand out and provide you with a perfect ceiling fan that enhances, complements and serves the beauty and utility of your space.

How the Process Began

Beginning with a sketch of what a fan might look like if it’s blades were replaced by the propellers of a Dakota airplane, by chance the designer walked by a Ferrari with a clear hood where you were able to see the car’s engine. That’s when the idea of creating a fan with a clear motor came to him.

Beautifully Designed Ceiling Fans: Why Form is Everything

Inspired by the very best of contemporary culture the innovative Star propeller fan is the result of an ingenious union between two iconic design principles, namely those of the world famous Dakota airplane and the iconic sports car, the Ferrari. Embodied with cutting edge and timeless design The innovative Star Propeller fan captures the imagination of contemporary culture enthusiasts and in doing so, makes a stunning centerpiece to any outdoor area, bedroom, living room, studio or office.