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0.5" diameter


What is the installment process like?
All our fans are designed for a simple install. Every fan comes with a detailed instruction manual and we are always here to help out if needed.

How quick do the fans ship?
The fans ship typically within a day of order confirmation.

Do the fans connect to your Amazon Alexa?
The Star X and Star 7 can connect to the Amazon Alexa/Google Home/app in phone by purchasing the Bond Bridge. A quick and easy way to make your fans smart.

Can the fans be installed in sloped ceiling?
The fans can be installed on sloped ceiling up to 25 degrees. If your slope is more than that please contact us.

How much energy do the fans consume?
The Star Fans are energy saving products and they will help you save energy during the summer and the winter.

Every IM has a troubleshooting page. We are always here to help. If something is wrong we usually fix it with an email or a phone call. 




Even better than expectedEasy to install & silently moves a lot of air. Looks phenomenal against my whitewashed pine ceiling. Unique looking; the fan is getting compliments from everyone who enters the room.

Review by Gail D. on 23 Jul 2018

This fan is of the highest quality! It is a beautiful piece of art as well! It was just the right size for our room and does the job of moving the hot air out and pulling the cool air in, during the evening hours. Thank you STAR for making such a beautiful, quality fan!

Review by Christine S. on 13 Jul 2020